Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA Secondary School Choir Performs Fall Preview Concert

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) secondary school choir held its annual Fall Preview Concert last week. The junior high choir, high school choir, concert chorale, and ensemble choirs collaborated to treat the audience to a variety of musical pieces, including traditional hymns, choral arrangements from the 1500s, and a few modern pieces.

“Each year we look forward to performing the Fall Preview Concert,” said SCA Secondary Vocal Instructor and Secondary Choir Director Mrs. Trissa Lucht. “The students get this first big performance of the season under their belts and we are able to set the stage for a great musical season,” said Mrs. Lucht.

This year, the added accompaniment of the cello, French horn, and drum provided broader complexity and movement to the music.

“The special accompaniment that we had with selected pieces really seemed to enhance the experience of the music for the choir and the audience,” said Mrs. Lucht. “The students did a phenomenal job and I was very pleased with their performance.”