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SCA Student Receives Top Honor at Blue Springs Debate Tournament

Logan & Courtney at Blue Springs Speech Tourney

SCA senior Logan Kenepaske and SCA sophomore Courtney Price-Dukes at Blue Springs South Speech & Debate Tournament.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is pleased to announce that SCA senior Logan Kenepaske took 1st in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and 3rd in Student Congress at the Blue Springs South High School Debate Tournament last weekend. SCA sophomore Courtney Price-Dukes placed 4th in Original Oratory and 3rd in Storytelling at the tournament.

“It was great to see Logan and Courtney compete and be successful against some very reputable debate programs in one of the strongest districts in the National Forensic League (NFL),” said SCA Secondary Principal Emir Ruiz-Esparza.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD) is a one-on-one debate format that stresses logic, ethical values, and philosophy. It is modeled after the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, which focused on slavery and the morals, values, and logic behind it.

Student Congress, on the other hand, is an event based on the nation’s congressional proceedings, where students write legislation, debate its merit, and decide which bills get passed into law.

Original Oratory competitors deliver an original and factual speech on a subject of their choosing, while Storytelling competitors narrate extemporaneously without acting or performing. They may, however, use gestures.

“Keep your eyes on these two (Kenepaske and Price-Dukes) because their standard of personal excellence and work ethic will help them continue to be successful,” Ruiz-Esparza said.