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SCA Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team Wins SCA Cup

SCA varsity soccer team defeats St. Paul Lutheran in a 4-1 victory to win SCA Cup championship for the first time.

SCA varsity soccer team defeats St. Paul Lutheran in a 4-1 victory to win SCA Cup championship for the first time.

SCA Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team Wins over

Undefeated St. Paul’s; Wins SCA Cup

The SCA varsity boys’ soccer team beat previously undefeated St. Paul Lutheran High School to claim the SCA Cup championship on Friday, October 17. Junior Shuce “Shooter” Wang shot a free kick into the upper corner of the goal from outside the box, curling it around their wall. Coach Dane Cockrell describes it as the most incredible goal he’s seen at the high school level. Junior Eddie Banks-Johnson scored two goals and freshman Isaiah Vigliano completed the 4-1 victory. SCA had already defeated Lutheran High School 7-0 and Lincoln College Prep 2-1 in previous play. This is the fourth year the boys’ soccer program has hosted the SCA Cup but the first time they won the championship.

SCA lost to St. Paul’s twice during the season. “I think going in they felt very confident” said varsity soccer coach Dane Cockrell. “We were confident we could hang with them but we just hadn’t seen it yet this season. St. Paul’s is a phenomenal team. Hopefully we get to see them again this weekend,” referring to the upcoming Class 1, District 7 tournament.

Senior Micah Ruiz-Esparza adds, “Everybody believed we were capable of playing with them. We knew we’d have to play our absolute best to compete with them.”

SCA boys’ soccer started the season with many setbacks and plagued by injuries. They’ve turned their season around in the last few weeks, however. They attribute their comeback season to their passion for the game, a determination to never give up, and, most importantly, the ability to come together and play as a team.

Senior Alec Rush said, “We had a rough season getting started with a few difficult losses that were hard to accept. It’s a matter of heart and a want to win. Personally, I wasn’t willing to accept another loss.”

Esparza adds, “During the beginning of the season you could tell a lot of people didn’t have the passion to want to win – to go out and play their best for the team. During the past week, people have been igniting that fire within them to want to win. Everybody came out and gave their best.”

The team is experiencing the excitement generated when they work together as a team. Coach Cockrell said, “Everyone is starting to understand we need each other. It has to be about the team. When we play as a team, we are capable of beating anybody.”