Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA Elementary Students Help Feed 457 Families this Thanksgiving and Celebrates with Balloon Release


Over 350 balloons were releases full of blessings for the community in the SCA balloon release which was a prize for all of the SCA elementary students for brining over 8000 food items and donating them to 457 local families for Thanksgiving.

SCA’s Elementary School united together and gave 8,260 items to bless our families in need. SCA joined forces with Turning Point Church, Belton Assembly of God, and Courageous Life Church to collect food items and turkeys and bless over 457 families here in the KC metro area. The sixth grade class packed the boxes, loaded them on the trucks, and the churches blessed each box with a turkey before delivering the boxes to the families.

The SCA students met their goals in four categories earning them several fun days. The fun days consisted of chewing bubble gum, wearing their favorite t-shirt or jersey of their favorite sports team, an extra recess, and an elementary balloon release. For the balloon release, the students wrote blessing wishes and scriptures and placed them inside each balloon.