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Football Coach Dalton Vann Leaves SCA for Inner-City Work

SCA head football coach Dalton Vann, along with his wife, Rhonda leave SCA to begin work with children among the inner parts of Kansas City.

SCA head football coach Dalton Vann, along with his wife, Rhonda leave SCA to begin work with children among the inner parts of Kansas City.

After the most successful season in the program’s history, Eagles head football coach Dalton Vann announced on January 4 that he will not return to coach another season. Instead, Coach Vann, along with his wife, Rhonda Vann, plan to begin working with children in inner-city Kansas City.


In an emotional time with his players and their parents, Coach Vann reflected, “I’ve enjoyed having this group. I’ve enjoyed being an Eagle for this long. But it’s time. I’ve been here for nine years, five of it with football. I became the first head football coach of Summit Christian Academy, and going deeper than that, I became the first African-American head football coach in the history of Lee’s Summit. I’m going to miss the families, I’m going to miss the kids, and I’m going to miss the sport as I’ll be out of the sport for a while.”


Coach Vann has long espoused the SCA core value of excellence as he strives to do his very best in any task to which he is called. When he came to SCA, he remembers thinking, “I’m going to be the best football coach around here and I’m going to take the group that God has given me and make them the best possible team we can be.”



The SCA Eagles accomplishments in the short five-year history of their program show that Coach Vann accomplished the goal of excellence. During his tenure, SCA won the Crossroads Conference championship for two consecutive years, placed second in their Class 2 district in 2015 and first in 2016, and finished within the top eight in Class 2 Missouri football in 2016. Over the last two years, they have won 21 out of 25 games played. According to Coach Vann, “It’s been an amazing ride. It all happened when I gave it up to God and just let him take the lead.”


Just as Coach Vann knows he was called to Summit Christian Academy, he now knows that his life’s calling is to go in a new direction. “I always said that I want to make your son the man that God wants him to be… It’s about making disciples of young men and I’ve been able to do that here [at SCA]. Now I have an opportunity to do that on a bigger scale, in a different format and in a different area. We’re going into the city… into the inner-city. There’s a group of kids there who are doomed from the start and they need a leader. What God has asked us to do is to go lead. When everyone is running out of the city, it seems like I’m crazy enough to go in. We’re going to do the same thing there that we did here as we allow God to lead as we take something that’s not so good and turn it in to something good.”


The SCA family looks forward to supporting the next individual who comes in to coach the football program and continue to build upon the strong foundation started by Coach Vann. Athletic director Lance Quessenberry shares, “The resignation of Coach Vann marks the end of an era for SCA football. The success on the field will be remembered most by those that were not close to the program. But for those of us who were close to the program, we will remember Coach Vann’s time here for much more. Coach Vann showed our school how to have a football community, not just a team. He built a program that touched the lives of those who were a part of it and also extended far off the playing field. He was interested in more than the score; the foundation he built will stand the test of time and the bar he set will continue to drive those after him to be their best.”


SCA thanks Coach Vann and his wife Rhonda for their time, hard work, and effort they have given to the school. Quessenberry continues, “We wish them nothing but the best and pray God’s blessing on them as they move forward in His plan for their lives.”


SCA positively looks forward to the future as they will immediately begin accepting applications for a new football coach.