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Summit Christian Academy Students View Eclipse

SCA students Samuel & Elijah with parents Christopher and Marla Sanders view the eclipse with school friends Logan and Mallory and their mom Melinda Moennig.

Students at Summit Christian Academy (SCA) enjoyed some time outside of the classroom on August 21 to view the historic solar eclipse.

Students that signed a waiver in Kindergarten – 6th grade were able to safely view the eclipse through eclipse glasses donated by Eyecare Specialties Optometrists Drs. Jason & Susan Lake, Premier Eyecare Optometrist Dr. Christa Dawson and Discover Vision Optometrist Dr. Brett Dawson. Parents served as supervisors for younger students to hold the glasses on safely and an all-elementary assembly was held for students to learn more about the eclipse and the historical significance of the event. For those students that were not permitted to go outside, they were able to watch the eclipse on the live-stream playing inside the school.

SCA first grade student Laila Huber and her mom Marsha, join students and families at Summit Christian Academy to enjoy the solar eclipse on August 21.

Students in grades 7-12 were dismissed from class with their teacher to also observe the eclipse through their eclipse glasses.

“We were excited to provide students with the opportunity to view one of God’s most amazing sights, the solar eclipse,” shared SCA Head of School Mrs. Linda Harrelson.  “We are so proud of our students as they viewed the eclipse in a very safe manner.”

“It was so cool,” shared SCA fifth grade student Lila Painter. “It got dark and you could see the moon in the middle of the day.”