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SCA Students Receive Christian Character Awards

Students from Summit Christian Academy receiving the Christian Character Award are first grade student Kelsey Ward, fourth grader Phoenix d’Entremont, seventh graders Brandon Moore and Olivia Truesdale, and seniors Russell Cook and Reagan Lyle.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is pleased to recognize students who consistently exhibit exceptional Christian character through the Christian Character Award program. The purpose of this award is to encourage students to pursue their potential toward attaining the highest level of personal and academic development, as well as Christian character. The achievement of Christian Character at SCA is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the school.

The elementary school’s Christian Character Award recipients for the fourth quarter are first grade student Kelsey Ward, daughter of Keith and Melinda Ward, and fourth grade student Phoenix d’Entremont, daughter of Jeffrey and Nicole d’Entremont.

The secondary school’s Christian Character Award recipients for the second semester are Senior Russell Cook, son of Stuart and Cindy Cook, Senior Reagan Lyle, daughter of Drs. John and Stacy Lyle, seventh grade student Brandon Moore, son of Greg and Kristen Moore, and seventh grade student Olivia Truesdale, daughter of Tim and Michelle Truesdale.