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SCA Announces Class of 2020 Summa Cum Laude Recipients

Summit Christian Academy is pleased to announce the Class of 2020 Summa Cum Laude recipients: Avery Lake, Kate Lyle, and Teresa Xiong.

To achieve SCA’s highest academic honor, students must have been at SCA for four consecutive semesters, demonstrate a transcript of 30 credit hours, have taken four years of high school science and four years of high school math, attend school at least seven hours during their senior year, and have no academic modifications in achieving a cumulative percentage that is in the top 5% of their class.

“God continues to blow me away with the quality of young men and women who choose to come to SCA,” shared SCA Secondary Principal and Director of Operations Joe Hesman.  “These three young women are wonderful examples of what can be accomplished through loving the Lord, working hard and having an incredibly positive personality!  Each of the Summa Cum Laude students have been such a tremendous blessing to Summit Christian Academy and I know that they will continue to go forth, be successful and most importantly impact those around them with the love of the Lord!  Congratulations Avery, Kate and Teresa!  I am so proud of each of you!”

SCA has also announced their Magna Cum Laude recipients which have the same qualifications but are the next top 10% in their graduating class.  SCA Magna Cum Laude recipients are Torrance Bagunu, Hannah Holt, Jake McIlhaney, Riley Painter, Patrick Simpson, and Isabella Totero.

“The educational experience at SCA is designed to produce students who are well-rounded in all aspects of life,” shared SCA Academic Dean Dr. Kimberlee Gill.  “Each of these studentshas demonstrated not only outstanding intellectual aptitude, but also a heart of service and a character of leadership. It has been a privilege to work alongside their parents to inspire them to reach their God-given potential.”

The three Summa Cum Laude recipients will have the opportunity to give speeches at SCA’s graduation ceremony scheduled for June 26.

SCA senior Avery Lake was a Summa Cum Laude recipient for the SCA Class of 2020.
SCA senior Kate Lyle was a Summa Cum Laude recipient for the SCA Class of 2020.
SCA senior Teresa Xiong was a Summa Cum Laude recipient for the SCA Class of 2020.