Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA Embarks on eCampus

SCA’s eCampus is bringing SCA into homes across the Kansas City metropolitan area through their online development of curriculum paired with instruction. For more information about enrolling in SCA eCampus please email admissions@sca-kc.org.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) students and families recently transitioned their curriculum and course work online through SCA eCampus on Monday, March 23, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SCA eCampus is a blend of fun and rigor, all while incorporating the heart of Christian education into homes across the metropolitan area through modern technology.

“SCA teachers, technology department, support staff, board, and administration worked tirelessly last week, coming together to make learning continue for all students- PreSchool through 12th grade,” shared SCA Academic Dean Dr. Kimberlee Gill. “Pilot courses were conducted to provide critical feedback from a small group of students in each grade. SCA eCampus began on Monday, March 23 and is currently scheduled to continue through April 24. We are committed to a ‘high touch’ education of excellence no matter if we are online or in the building together.”

SCA eCampus is delivering SCA’s classrooms to students’ homes via platforms including weekly e-mail agendas, Google Classrooms, and Canvas Learning Management. Many SCA students, teachers, and parents are already familiar with these platforms as they have been used in the normal academic setting, which has made for a smooth transition.

SCA eCampus continues to bring the whole package of SCA- continuing learning in both core and “special” classes such as music, art, Spanish, and PE, and chapel.  SCA believes that the connection and partnership between home and school is imperative to educational excellence, and explains that eCampus is not homeschooling, but classroom management at home. SCA teachers will still be the teacher doing all lesson planning, delivery, and assessment, while the parents’ primary role is that of the SCA eCampus facilitator.

As SCA seeks to care for the whole student- body, mind, and soul- SCA’s counseling team have shared ongoing videos with parents on talking to their children about the coronavirus, and other topics that may be of concern for families. 

“We miss our kids,” shared SCA Head of School Linda Harrelson. “They are our calling and our passion.  We are working together to ease the pain of missed time together. I know that what we’re doing will not be wasted, but rather used to take Christian education to many more students than we could ever imagine.”

“ECampus will take SCA to the world,” shared SCA Academic Dean Dr. Kimberlee Gill.  “My second year at SCA, we had a sweet family preparing to be missionaries in Africa.  The dad told me that he wished they could take SCA with them. SCA moving 100% online has shown me that  God uses everything for His good and purposes.”