Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA Student Working at his Field of Dreams


Trey with MLB Hall of Fame membe George Toma.

(Lee’s Summit) – When SCA Junior Trey Glidewell gets ready for work, his uniform isn’t the norm, his uniform is Kansas City Royals attire. That is because Trey is one of the members of the KC Royals Ground Crew.
“I love this job,” shared Trey. “I like to get to the stadium a few hours before the game starts and I help with the grounds work before the games, change the bases in-between innings, and during the 3rd, 5th and 7th innings I help groom the dirt. I have always been a Royals fan, but this year it has been really great!”
Trey even helped paint the World Series logo on the field as part of his duties. After the games are over Trey helps clean up the dugouts and get everything ready for the next game.

“It has been awesome with so much post-season play this year,” shared Trey. “It’s great to be so close to the game for the World Series and to be part of something like this. We hang out in the dugout by the Field during the games. I can’t believe I get to help do the grounds work for the World Series! It is the experience of a lifetime!”

Trey has also had the opportunity to meet many members of the Hall of Fame and famous Dignitaries of Kansas City.

“I enjoy meeting people,” shared Trey. “It is great to see them and their dedication to baseball and the Kansas City Royals.”