Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA and Air Force Dad Returns to Surprise Daughter at School

MSGT Lincoln McCoy and 8th grade daughter Lauren share an emotional reunion after he was the “surprise reader” in her English class at Summit Christian Academy.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) recently had the honor of hosting a surprise reunion for Master Sergeant Lincoln McCoy and his 8th grade daughter Lauren.

As part of Lauren’s English class, “surprise readers” have been doing guest readings of different Romeo and Juliet lines.  Students have to identify the character, translate the lines, and describe the impact on the plot. Students were told to close their eyes to see if they could guess who the surprise reader of the day was, and it was MSGT McCoy, who had just returned from a 3-month deployment with the Air Force.

“We’re so grateful and honored to have so many military families at SCA- who protect us day and night,” shared SCA Secondary Principal and Director of Operations Joe Hesman.  “We were excited to partner with this family to reunite their father and daughter.”