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SCA International Students Victorious at University of Kansas Speech Contest

SCA Students Doris Li and William Feng took first and second place at the 2018 Year of the Dog Chinese speech competition put on by the University of Kansas.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is pleased to announce that Junior international students William Feng and Doris Li, were awarded with first and second place in the 2018 Year of the Dog Chinese speech competition put on by the University of Kansas. Feng and Li are both from China.

The Confucius Institute of the University of Kansas, in partnership with the Center for East Asian Studies of the University of Kansas and the Kansas City Chinese American Association, sponsored the speech contest which was held at Johnson County Community College. After submitting a video entry, Feng and Li were selected to the next level of competition. Using the topic of “How my family celebrates a traditional Chinese festival”, Feng was the first place winner and Li was the second place winner of the entire competition.

I talked about the Spring Festival and what my family’s traditions are,” shared Li. “I felt very honored to be selected as second place. Even though it was a Mandarin Chinese speech context, I still learned a lot about leadership and being confident in front of many people. It was my pleasure to compete with other students.”

“My speech topic was how to celebrate a traditional Chinese Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, with my parents,” shared first place winner Feng. “I talked about the traditional activity we did during the Festival which is called Bobing. The rule of Bobing is very simple, you throw six dice into a big bowl and get different prizes based on the results of dice in your bowl. I also talked about how precious it is for my parents and relatives to gather together on that day because they are super busy.  I was impressed to see many other American students speaking in Chinese and their strong interest in Chinese culture. I am so glad that I joined this competition!”