Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

SCA Senior attends George Caleb Bingham Academy of the Arts

SCA Senior Art student Danielle Dean recently attended the George Caleb Bingham Academy of the Arts.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) Senior Artist Danielle Dean recently had the honor of attending the George Caleb Bingham Academy of the Arts. The Academy is an intensive five-week program where students have the opportunity to excel in an emphasis of painting and drawing in areas such as creative media, music, theatre and art. Danielle participated in the visual arts section of the program and had the opportunity to grow, particularly in her painting experience.

SCA Art instructor, Jana Jurkovich, introduced the students to the Academy of Arts summer program. The program embraces students’ talents in the arts, as well as increases awareness of all areas of the arts promoting adult community arts leaders. The program is a selection of students from an application process. One semester of high school credit, plus three hours of college credit from MCC-Blue River is possible for eligible students.