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SCA Yearbook Club Visits H&H Color Lab

SCA Elementary Yearbook Club students had the opportunity to tour the H&H Color Lab- where the school’s yearbooks are produced. 
Pictured here are (l-r): SCA Sixth grade students Abbey Rapley, Camryn Meyer, Lucas Brownlee, Matthew Brownlee, Elena Michaels, and Isabelle Thompson.

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) Elementary Yearbook Club students recently had the opportunity to visit H&H Color Lab in Raytown, MO. The sixth grade students had the opportunity to experience first-hand how their hard work on creating the elementary school yearbook transforms from computer software into a physical book.  

H&H Color Lab has been in business for 50 years and produces all of SCA’s school photos, sports photos, and yearbooks- as well as custom photographs and keepsakes for professional photographers and clients all over the world including the Kansas City Chiefs. Co-owner Amy Drum provided the students with a tour of the facility which included the printing machines, specialized equipment for stapling and fusing spines, shipment center, and computers.  Students received education on the printing and production processes and had the opportunity to meet several craftsmen working at the lab and ask them questions about how images transfer to different materials.  

“It was a wonderful opportunity for students to talk with professionals and see how their projects can be used in the real world,” said SCA Elementary Art Teacher and Yearbook Club Director Suzanne Turner.