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International Student Tuition

Following is the tuition and fee schedule for international students. All school tuition, fees, and homestay fee are payable in full in order for the student to attend classes. There is NO REFUND of tuition and/or fees should the student withdraw, transfer, be dismissed, or fail to attend.


International Tuition & Fees

Medical Insurance

All international students are required to provide insurance that is acceptable for use in the United States. Students may select any policy that meets VISA requirements and provides coverage for SCA activity requirements including athletics. Students MUST be covered prior to leaving their home country. Recommended Coverage Dates: July 30-June 7.

Recommended Policy: International Medical Group (IMG): *Patriot Exchange Program, Standard Short-Term Travel Plan. To view/purchase this plan online, please visit the following link: http://www.imglobal.com/img-insurance/international-student-insurance/patriot-exchange-program.aspx. If you are interested in adding your student to this group, please email International Program Director Kathy Tharp.

Additional Fees

Depending on participation, additional fees may include, but are not limited to, the following:
Athletic Fees (vary per sport) - $60-$350
Sports pictures (optional) - $25
Yearbook (optional) - $35
Choir Apparel - $70
Ensemble Apparel - $40-$100
Senior Mission Trip - $400-$500
Classes for College Credit - $295 (approximate for 3 college credits)
Curriculum Fee for College Credit Classes - $50 per class
Lunch - $3.85 (includes drink)
Each student is required to bring or purchase a Chromebook before school starts.