Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

Senior High

SCA provides such a special educational opportunity and atmosphere for our students! We provide an education for students that recognizes and honors the fact that God is at the center of all knowledge! This central focus then allows students to make sense of their learning from a Christ-centered view and grow from there. In today’s society and the attacks that are being thrown at our children from the world, knowing that there is a place that still values a strong academic school while honoring God in all we do is refreshing and uplifting!

At SCA, we strive to be the best that God has created us to be. This includes our spiritual lives, academic lives, and extracurricular activities. We desire to honor God through all we do and we are able to accomplish this through partnering with our parents and community.

We desire to not just be another schooling option for families. We desire to significantly impact the lives of students for Christ in everything they do so they can go and impact the lives of all who come in contact with them!

Joe Hesman, Secondary Principal

Senior High Dual Credit Opportunities

SCA offers 70 college credit hours. The available courses include:

Southwest Baptist University
BUS 2023--Business Statistics 3
ENG 1113--Coll English I 3
ENG 2213--Coll English II 3
GEO 1103--Geography 3
HIS 1113--Western Civ: Early Man to Ren 3
HIS 1123--Western Civ: Ren to Present 3
HIS 2213--Coll American History 3
HIS 2223--Coll Am Hist 1877-Present 3
MAT 1143--Coll Algebra 3
MAT 1163--Coll Precalculus 3
MAT 1195--Coll Calculus 5
POL 1113--Am Government 3
SPA 1114--Coll Spanish I 4
SPA 1124--Coll Spanish II 4
SPA 2213--Coll Inter Spanish I 3
SPA 2223--Coll Inter Spanish II 3
Saint Louis University
THEO 278--Religions of the World 3
ENGL 2250--Coll Conflict, Social Justice & Literature 3
FREN 1010--Coll Elem French I 3
FREN 1020--Coll Elem French II 3
MUSC 1000--Coll Music Appreciation 3
PSY 1010--Coll General Psychology 3

The ability to take a class for dual credit at the high school level is considered an earned privilege for students whose attitude toward study reflects a collegiate level of maturity. In order to preserve the integrity of the collegiate environment within these classes, all students are required to meet course prerequisites and ACT/SAT guidelines of the college, carry an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, and achieve a C or higher on the initial class exam. For a detailed description of these courses and the requirements, see the Course Description Catalog

Senior High Graduation Requirements

SCA is an  A+ School through the A+ Scholarship Program, which funds higher education to Missouri state schools.

Senior High College & Career Counseling

Please contact Shaun Pfannenstiel for an appointment. Click to download a Transcript Request Form.