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Elementary Resources

"Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people" is the slogan that describes what Kids Regeneration Network is all about. You'll find information about healthy living and responsible care for the planet and its resources. Family-centered activities encourage young people to discover that what little they are able to do to save earth's resources does make a difference.

Play online science games, download activities to do at home, and more cool stuff from the Lawrence Hall of Science Page for Kids.

NASA's Kids Science News Network is a program that uses the Web, animation, and video to introduce science, technology, engineering, math, and NASA concepts to children in grades K-5.

Features journal entries of the work of the Wright brothers as they struggled and succeeded in creating the Wright Flyer and their first successful flight on December 17, 1903.

Practice Math facts, download Math flashcards or activities on mathfactcafe.com.

Play fun educational games online at primarygames.com.