Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

Welcome Families

We are honored that you are considering Summit Christian Academy (SCA) for your child's education.  The fact that you are looking at various educational opportunities tells us that you want the best for your child.  It is our pleasure to tell you about the excellence of the program we offer.

SCA is committed to providing a comprehensive academic program as well as a firm biblical foundation.  The synergy between these two commitments produces students who are wise as well as smart.  In this world of readily available information, it is the goal of SCA to differentiate itself from other institutions of learning by teaching students to use the knowledge they acquire with discernment and wisdom.  Meeting this goal will help students succeed in their chosen professions, as well as in the eyes of the Lord. 

As you navigate our website and read through the information, you will see evidence of academic excellence - dual accreditation, college credit classes, a program for gifted students, resources for students who struggle, and more.  The emphasis on a firm biblical foundation is also readily evident in our Statement of Faith, mission, philosophy, and Core Values.  At SCA, the emphasis on excellent academics and spiritual formation go hand in hand to benefit our students. 

We have a staff of educational professionals who enjoy working with and mentoring your children.  Their commitment to education is demonstrated by their pursuit of graduate studies and professional development opportunities. 

We are, of course, available to answer any questions you may have and would consider it an honor and privilege to work with your children.

In His Service,

Linda Harrelson, Administrator